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Cholesterol Levels in Children

Obesity in children is a growing concern in the United States but what many parents aren’t aware of is the fact that high cholesterol levels in children are just as dangerous to their health. Of course we would probably assume that an overweight child would most likely have unhealthy cholesterol levels in his or her . . . → Read More: Cholesterol Levels in Children

Cholesterol Levels for Men

Whenever anyone starts quoting statistics in terms of cholesterol and heart disease, they usually begin with the American Heart Association. However, for an even broader perspective on dangerous cholesterol levels for men, it is interesting to note the statistical analysis provided by the Centers for Disease Control. Before looking at what safe vs. dangerous levels . . . → Read More: Cholesterol Levels for Men

Cholesterol Levels Too Low: Is It Dangerous?

For years doctors have been driving people to lower their cholesterol levels. People with cholesterol levels of less than 200 have been placed on drugs to lower their cholesterol. In fact, we could almost call this a sort of craze that has been occurring for the past 50 decades or so. However, much more recent . . . → Read More: Cholesterol Levels Too Low: Is It Dangerous?

Safe Cholesterol Levels for Men Middle Age and Older

High cholesterol is not something that is good for anyone, no matter what age they may be. Unfortunately, what tends to happen is that as we age our cholesterol levels raise. This could be because of an improper diet or simply because we have let a habit of good physical exercise go to the wayside. . . . → Read More: Safe Cholesterol Levels for Men Middle Age and Older

The Importance of Referring to a Cholesterol Levels Chart

Cholesterol is a substance found within the body and also in a number of foods. It is basically a type of fat and there can be good cholesterol as well as bad cholesterol. There is a major difference in a cholesterol levels chart for women when it comes to looking at the bad (LDL) cholesterol . . . → Read More: The Importance of Referring to a Cholesterol Levels Chart

The Link between Exercise and Lowering Cholesterol

We have all heard about the different foods which lower cholesterol, but what about exercise? Can working out actually help lower your LDL cholesterol? Experts believe it can! While there is no solid medical evidence to provide a reason as to why exercise lowers cholesterol, studies have shown that it works time and again. The . . . → Read More: The Link between Exercise and Lowering Cholesterol

Different Types of Cholesterol Medications

Although the best way to guard against high cholesterol is to live a healthy lifestyle by eating foods low in saturated fats and getting sufficient exercise, this isn’t always enough to keep those numbers in check. Some people are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol and others, for reasons unknown, simply can’t keep their cholesterol within . . . → Read More: Different Types of Cholesterol Medications

Lipitor Information

After having been diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol in your blood, a doctor may prescribe Lipitor or its generic equivalent, Atorvastatin, known to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while raising levels of HDL cholesterol. Lipitor is the number on brand name prescription medication on the market that has proven to be effective . . . → Read More: Lipitor Information

Unbelievable Cholesterol Fighting Foods

One of the most common misconceptions about fighting cholesterol through diet is that we will be eating a bland diet of unexciting foods. Actually, there are some unbelievable cholesterol fighting foods that taste great and actually do help to lower levels of LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream. If you are looking for cholesterol fighting foods . . . → Read More: Unbelievable Cholesterol Fighting Foods

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

While there are a number of medications on the market intended to lower cholesterol, there are also a number of natural ways in which to reduce serum cholesterol. Whether you are taking medications or trying to naturally lower LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream, it often boils down to choices you make when eating and in . . . → Read More: Lower Cholesterol Naturally