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Lower Cholesterol Naturally

While there are a number of medications on the market intended to lower cholesterol, there are also a number of natural ways in which to reduce serum cholesterol. Whether you are taking medications or trying to naturally lower LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream, it often boils down to choices you make when eating and in the way in which you live your life.

Too Much and Too Many of the Wrong Foods

Most often, high cholesterol is the result of eating too many of the wrong foods. This includes portion size as well as the types of foods you eat. For example, if you eat three or four french fries with broiled salmon and steamed broccoli, those few french fries shouldn’t matter very much in terms of total fat intake. However, if you eat a super-size portion of french fries with that broiled salmon and steamed vegetable, the fat content in the french fries will counteract the good you have done eating broiled and steamed foods.

The Magic of Oatmeal

It is also important to know that there are foods out there that can naturally help to break up cholesterol in the body for elimination before it turns to plaque in the arteries. Oatmeal is one very good example. It is touted as being the heart-healthy food by the American Heart Association and even those oat cereal manufacturers are placing that information prominently on their boxes.

Amazing Antioxidants

Any dark leafy vegetables are high in substances called antioxidants that have been proven to counteract cholesterol. The antioxidants bond with free-floating lipids in the blood and carry them through for elimination. Also, dark and bright fresh fruits are high in these cholesterol fighting antioxidants as well. Therefore, any fruits and veggies that are bright orange, red and purple are good choices as are leafy veggies such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard and collard greens are great for reducing cholesterol. Just keep in mind that you should steam these veggies or eat them raw because once you put pork fat or butter in them you have just undone the good nutrients.

Fight Cholesterol with Cardio Workouts

Then there is lifestyle to consider. We have all heard about cardiovascular exercising in recent decades and this particular type of workout does more than strengthen the heart muscles. A good cardio workout also helps to flush cholesterol out of the body, perhaps by increasing blood flow, but it is proven that a healthy cardio workout three times a week helps to lower levels of serum cholesterol. Being sedentary is the absolute worse way to live if you are trying to lower cholesterol in your bloodstream.

Cholesterol Lowering Pharmaceuticals in Conjunction with Healthy Living

Some people are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol levels, which is why they should make even more of an effort to reduce cholesterol naturally. This group of people is usually on prescription cholesterol lowering medications like Lipitor, Lescol, Mevacor, Altoprev, Pravachol, Crestor or Zocor but it is important that they also make dietary and lifestyle changes as well. One thing to be aware of when taking cholesterol lowering statins is that grapefruit can have an adverse reaction with this class of drugs. If you are eating grapefruit to lower cholesterol, tell your doctor before taking any of those or other cholesterol lowering pharmaceuticals.

Always talk to your physician before embarking on any kind of lifestyle or dietary changes as some things may not be healthy for you in your current state of health. It is always good to eat foods low in fats and to get sufficient exercise, but only your physician can determine what is healthy for you.

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