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Cholesterol Levels Normal

There are many people in the US today who suffer from high cholesterol. In fact, some states have even higher statistics where LDL cholesterol levels and obesity are concerned. The problem seems to stem from eating habits that are passed down through the generations. In some places such as Florida and California there are many people who are much more health conscious as a rule for example than in places like Georgia and Alabama, the land of hearty meat and potatoes with cornbread and ham hocks. This is not just speculation; studies have shown that these two states have the highest obesity rates in the countries so it stands to reason that it must be because of the foods these people are eating. Of course there are also some other factors such as heredity and activity levels that play a role in high cholesterol and obesity but for the most part what we put in our mouth is what determines how healthy we will be. Cholesterol levels normal range is when a person has a perfect ratio between good and bad cholesterol, or LDL and HDL cholesterol. In addition, the cholesterol normal range for men varies a bit from the cholesterol normal range for women.

When a person who is over the age of 30 visits the doctor for a check up one of the first things the doctor will more than likely check for is going to be the level of LDL and HDL cholesterol in the blood. If the level of LDL is high then the doctor is going to encourage his/her patients to try and get that level down to the normal range. There may be a medication prescribed with a special diet or the doctor may just suggest the diet alone to start with. This will depend on how dangerously high the cholesterol levels are. Obviously, if the levels are really high then more drastic measures will be taken. However, most of the time, if high cholesterol is caught early enough a diet that is low in fat will be enough to help lower the levels over time.

If you have been told that your LDL cholesterol is high and your HDL cholesterol is low then you are in a very dangerous position. HDL cholesterol is good cholesterol that helps keep your circulatory system clean. Not having enough of that in itself is not a good thing.