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Safe Cholesterol Levels for Men Middle Age and Older

High cholesterol is not something that is good for anyone, no matter what age they may be. Unfortunately, what tends to happen is that as we age our cholesterol levels raise. This could be because of an improper diet or simply because we have let a habit of good physical exercise go to the wayside.  Middle aged men often have a higher occurrence of increased cholesterol levels for a number of reasons.  Cholesterol levels for men over 40 can be higher than those found in a man of 20 years of age. Of course, some people live into their 90’s without ever having an undesirable cholesterol level.  Many people believe there is a genetic link to high cholesterol levels and that only part of the reason for high levels is diet induced.

Ideal Numbers On a Cholesterol Levels Chart For Men

For decades doctors have been working hard to keep cholesterol levels low in all people. However, studies performed in Hawaii recently have proven that there seems to be a higher rate of mortality in older individuals with low cholesterol. The study showed that lower cholesterol levels in men over 60 as well as women of the same age were actually not as good a thing as originally believed.  It seems that cholesterol levels tend to consistently decrease as people age. This means cholesterol levels for men over 70 could be as low as 100 mg/dl. While originally thought to be a good thing, we are finding that it may not be so after all. Ideally, people should aim to keep their cholesterol levels at an ideal rate of about 150 to 200 mg/dl. This is true when considering cholesterol levels in men over 50 or men under 30. Cholesterol levels should remain consistent at every age.

When Should a Person Begin to Worry?

Anytime your cholesterol goes up to a level above 200mg/dl, you should begin paying close attention to those levels. Cholesterol levels higher than 200 mg/dl could mean trouble is brewing. If your cholesterol spikes above 240 mg/dl, that is considered high cholesterol.  This is one reason people are urged to begin having their cholesterol levels checked at an early age. It is absolutely amazing the amount of young people today who have cholesterol levels that are through the roof. This is almost certainly due to the age of fast food and greasy pit stops, rather than home cooked, quality meals. It is also a fallacy that a thin person who appears to be in perfect physical condition will have low cholesterol. A middle aged or older man does not have to be overweight to have high cholesterol. There have even been athletes found to have cholesterol levels higher than desired.

The most important thing to remember is that each person is different. While some people may be prone to high cholesterol, others may be at risk for having cholesterol which is too low as they age. The best thing to do is speak with your physician about your target cholesterol levels. This will give you a better idea of where you should be on the cholesterol levels chart, no matter how old or young you are. There are two types of cholesterol as well, HDL and LDL. LDL cholesterol is the type that is considered “bad” while the HDL cholesterol is the kind that is considered “good.” However, you never want to have a higher level than desired of either type.

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