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The Importance of Referring to a Cholesterol Levels Chart

Cholesterol is a substance found within the body and also in a number of foods. It is basically a type of fat and there can be good cholesterol as well as bad cholesterol. There is a major difference in a cholesterol levels chart for women when it comes to looking at the bad (LDL) cholesterol and the good (HDL) cholesterol. It is important to understand not only what cholesterol is but also how it can affect you. The difference in the types of foods you eat which deliver the bad type of cholesterol are that foods which contain high levels of saturated fat are typically the culprits whereas foods which contain unsaturated fats, or friendly fats are not as dangerous in regards to raising cholesterol levels.

Why Cholesterol Levels Vary in Different People

There is a lot of scientific proof that high cholesterol levels could be attributed to genetics. Some theories hold that no matter how healthy a person is or what he/she eats, there is still a possibility for that individual to develop high cholesterol at any given age. Of course this does not mean that people should not use caution where their diet is concerned. Even in cases in which a person may be genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, preventative measures do not hurt. In addition, contrary to what people may believe, a person does not have to be obese or overweight in order to have high cholesterol. This means that testing and referring to cholesterol charts should be done routinely beginning at adolescence. Believe it or not high cholesterol is an issue in children as well as adults.

Are Men and Women Equally Vulnerable for High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol does not discriminate and there is no difference between a cholesterol levels chart for men or one for women. There is an ideal number that must be maintained in order for a person to be considered heart healthy, or at a safe level where cholesterol is concerned. Typically that number is 200 mg or below. However, it is important to consider that cholesterol levels which are too low may also be a bad thing. For example, some studies show that elderly people with lower cholesterol levels have a higher rate of mortality. This is because as people age their levels tend to drop quite a bit. People should be aware that high cholesterol and dangerously low cholesterol may both be equally harmful to a person’s health.

What Can Bo Done About High Cholesterol Levels?

Quite obviously, if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol there are going to be a number of options. Depending on how high your levels are, you may be put on cholesterol lowering medications. However, some people will only be required to start a healthy diet and begin a fitness program in order to see their levels drop. Usually people who have cholesterol levels that are well above 240 mg will be asked to take a medication to help lower those numbers as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that the elderly may not be the best candidates for cholesterol lowering drugs, so be sure and do your homework before allowing a loved one who is advanced in age to be given this type of drug.

High cholesterol is not the worst thing in the world a person can have because it is treatable. If you are diagnosed with a higher level of cholesterol than what the chart suggests then you may have to work on it a bit but the prognosis is good for those who cooperate with doctors and follow health plans.

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