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The Link between Exercise and Lowering Cholesterol

We have all heard about the different foods which lower cholesterol, but what about exercise? Can working out actually help lower your LDL cholesterol? Experts believe it can! While there is no solid medical evidence to provide a reason as to why exercise lowers cholesterol, studies have shown that it works time and again. The general theory is that losing weight and lowering your BMI will in itself lower cholesterol. However, what kind of exercise is best when it comes to lowering your cholesterol? Let us take a look at some of the things a person may do to help lose weight and lower cholesterol at the same time.

Cardio Is a Must

The one type of exercise that has proven helpful in regards to cholesterol is anything that raises your heart rate and keeps it raised for at least 30 minutes a day. With that being said, this can be walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling or any other activity that you enjoy. Remember that when working out in a fitness center or gym, you are not always doing cardio exercises. Moving from one fitness machine to the next allows your heart time to slow down. If you are in poor physical health or if your fitness level is rather low then you’d be best to begin with walking around your neighborhood in the early morning or evening, weather permitting. However, if you are a more active person who has just sort of been slacking a bit then you could begin a low to medium impact aerobics class. This is going to depend on you but be sure your exercise is keeping that heart rate up!

Building Muscle Burns Calories

Now that we have gone over the importance of adding a good cardio routine to your exercise plan in order to lose weight and lowering your cholesterol, let us talk about muscle and the importance of building it to realize a slimmer you. This is where a good routine on different muscle building machines at the gym will come in handy. Of course if you do not have a membership at a fitness center, no worries! All sorts of exercises can be done at home, using your furniture as your equipment. You will want to work all of your muscle groups and weights are an awesome addition in low amounts. If you do not have dumbbells or money to buy them then just use a couple of milk jugs full of water to do some curls. Sit ups, squats, leg lifts and a number of other exercises that focus on specific muscle groups will help you to build muscle, burn fat and lower cholesterol.

Combine Exercise with a Good Diet

As mentioned earlier, there are some foods that do help lower cholesterol, such as eating oatmeal each and every morning. However, making healthier food choices all the way around is never a bad idea. For example, substitute frying foods with olive oil instead of other fattier oils like your run of the mill vegetables oils. You can also choose much leaner cuts of meats; eat plenty of fresh, green leafy veggies and a lot of fruits. Stay away from butter and saturated fats and choose mustard instead of mayonnaise. These are just a few helpful hints but you get the idea. Always remember, the old saying “You are what you eat!” is not that far from the truth.

Having high cholesterol is very dangerous and could lead to other more serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke and even some forms of cancer. For this reason keep an eye on the way you take care of yourself, what you put into your mouth and how much physical exercise you get each day.

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